Hoodiamax is certified authentic hoodia developed to help you lose weight today

Hoodiamax use only pure fully certified hoodia gordonii in our appetite suppressant supplements. We buy direct from the South African farms to ensure we have the purest ingredients.

Beware of cheap and inferior hoodia supplements - always check that you know that you are getting authentic hoodia gordonii.

As we only use authentic hoodia gordonii we can guarantee you are receiving the finest quality hoodia available.

Hoodiamax products are fully certified as authentic hoodia and have a CITIES certificate.

Cites Certificate (CITES)

One of the most important things when deciding which Hoodia diet pill is right for you, is to look for a CITES certificate.

The hoodia gordonii plant is relatively scarce -- as it grows in only five countries in the world. In fact, the plant is so scarce, it has been listed as an endangered species. To prevent hoodia extinction, a variety of regulations and controls have been established. One of these being the CITES certificate.

CITES stands for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. This international agreement was created to help ensure international trade doesn't negatively impact the survival of endangered plants and animals.

In order to export hoodia gordonii, manufacturers and raw material suppliers must obtain a CITES certificate.

A CITES certificate lets you know that we are using genuine hoodia gordonii.